With good planning, organization, effort and perseverance … you win success.At Dimensions we work to give your activities a distinctive fingerprint to achieve the goal for which the event was established, and to reach this, we synchronize our work with the client’s vision.

Exhibition events are considered important features for the dissemination of cultures, knowledge and trade, and many countries depend on such special events for tourism marketing. Regular and well-thought-out events raise the level of tourism and economic state and give aesthetic value to the organizing city, positive return to the local economy and stimulate domestic tourism.  That’s why we take precision very seriously.

  • Implementation, processing and management of large events and celebrations (Government and Private)
  • Understand the needs of our customers and determine the objectives of the even and the preparation of the plan (financial – operational – marketing)
  • Collecting and classifying all necessary information and data of the event
  • Preparing all matters relating to the organization of the event
  • Identify speakers and event partners
  • The agenda of the event
  • Distribution of tasks and supervision of the implementation of all items
  • Final Report

Examples of Completed Work

  • The play of Amer Qais market Okaz 1430 H / 2009
  • Opera “FarhatWatan“ (1432.H) King Abdulaziz University
  • Eid Al Fitr Celebration – Municipality of Al-Aqiq Governorate (Al-Baha) 1432 H
  • Summer Forum on Keefe Municipality of Al-Aqeeq Governorate 1433H
  • National Day -The General Presidency of Youth House 1434 H
  • Ceremony of the municipality of Al-Aqeeq Governorate (Al-Baha) 1434 H
  • The ceremony of Mohammed bin Nayef Academy for Science and Maritime Security Studies: 05/04/1438H, 03/01/2017
  • Youth Sports Festival in Youth House in Jeddah
  • Youth Affairs Agency – General Administration of Youth Organizations from 15 – 18/3/1439H